We offer a new kind of career training for the globally ambitious.

  • By 2025, eight million students will study outside the country, pursuing new educational opportunities
  • By 2020, 35% of job skills across industries will shift
  • Workers who master the soft skills – creativity, collaboration, communication, and systems thinking – will thrive in the new world of work

GlobalMe School delivers interactive, on-demand career training for international students and young professionals across the world. GlobalMe provides structure, insights, and challenges to teach people how to navigate the international job search process. With a focus on soft skills like communication and professional relationships, GlobalMe students learn how to develop the skills that global employers demand.

GlobalMe School (formerly Global Mingle Party) is founded by Nicolle Merrill. It is the global brand of FutureMe School, an online career education platform that helps people robot-proof their jobs. Learn more about Nicolle’s work here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide interactive career training opportunities that prepare students to work across borders and adapt to the rapidly changing future of work. We teach the soft skills needed to navigate international careers. From relationship building to storytelling, public speaking to creativity, GlobalMe students are well-positioned for a future of influence and global leadership.

Our Philosophy

We believe the future of work belongs to the globally flexible: those who can adapt to new technologies, cultures, time zones, perspectives, and teams. We believe that future-oriented career training should be accessible to all students and not limited to elite schools. We value diverse perspectives, curiosity, and growth-mindsets.

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