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On demand training

The best thing about GlobalMe School courses is that you can access them whenever you need them. Got a big interview coming up? Meeting an important alum from your school? Log into your course to prepare.


GlobalMe courses are designed to get you outside of your comfort zone. You won’t just listen to content. You will engage with recruiters, build networks, practice your story, and articulate your goals.

Choose your pace

Whether it’s self-paced courses, online webinars, or applying to our monthly career classes, you choose the pace you want to learn.

Soft Skills

Create, communicate, lead, solve, and collaborate. No matter if you’re an engineer, software developer, or marketing major, you’ll learn the skills you need to impress employers.

Global Focus

Courses are designed for students with international experience. Courses include content on navigating work visas, identifying global companies, and building cultural dexterity.

Learn how to build

From company targeting to professional relationship building to creating a digital presence, you’ll learn how to build an international job search and career, step by step.


Create your story

What will your international career adventure be? Where will you go? Who will you be?

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